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May 31st, 2014, 4:39 pm - IAFS Merch!!! + other Updates (T-shirts)

I'm sorry, I haven't said anything in a bit because of how crazy it's been, but IAFS tshirts are a go! I just need to: a) collect more info and b) let my wallet rest because con prepping and book making is just really costly so my wallet needs a bit of time to heal. (also I got into some car accidents the last month) QmQ

Here's poll no.2 for more specifics. Because the tshirts are here by popular demand your input is so important. I want you guys to be and involved in these because they are made for you. For the people!!!! Yea!!!!

Established T-shirt details:
-100% cotton
-made in america
-sweat shop free

The IA books are now available for purchase! Check then out ahhh they are really beautiful ahhhhh. Each book comes with a free randomized character print!

Combo packs are also available:
-Pack A: Book + Poster
-Pack B: Book + Charm

The posters are on sale right now for $10!!

There are also a few charms left from the kickstarter! I will not be reprinting these so if they run out, they run out.

For each purchase, let me know if you want me to sign it!

The PDF e-book is availble for purchase as well! You may get it via my storenvy or sellfy:

*prices may vary due to fees charged using services

I'll be throwing a contest for IAFS soon and you can win some seriously cool stuff. Details tbd expect more info come late June!

I'll be starting to send out perks next week. They'll be released in batches. The first batch is for people who ordered the book only perk!
-First wave: Book only, Big Thank yous
-Second wave: Deluxe thank you, the limited
-Third wave: Oh ho ho, Super Limited


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It's so cute I think I might die...

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