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June 20th, 2014, 9:53 pm - AX Delivery Service

My friend has been kind enough to offer a delivery/pickup service for peeps in CA who want to order some of my store merch at AX 2014!

So how will this work?

You order items from my store using the coupon codes: AX2014 or AX10Off
I send her everyone's requested items together.
She will be a specified location(s) on a few days at the con and you can go and pick up your items from her.
Okay so, what are the coupons codes?

AX2014 takes 30% any purchase you make.

AX10Off takes $10 off per $30 purchase.

These coupons will be available until next Friday because 6/27 is when I will ship them out! This promotion is also for people going to AX only.

A big thank you to my friend for being so kind to do this, if anyone is interested please go thank her too xD

Go to my store!


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