Happily Ever After? - August 20th, 2014, 7:30 pm
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Yeaaaaa [Posted by Mr.Mustache on August 16th, 2014, 3:28 pm]

Want IAFS Merch but can't afford it? This is your chance to win a lot of stuff!

It’s a Frog Story is coming close to its happily ever after, I wanted to do a contest as something fun that everyone can participate in and as a big thank you to all the support IAFS has received from the start. For those of you who can’t afford to get IA merch, this is the perfect way to get some for free! And it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, if you can create you are eligible.

The theme is Happily Ever After? and the interpretation of that theme is up to you.

(Is it a good happily ever after or more drama ensues? What happens in the future? What about the present? Will an old flame show up?)

Your work can feature OC’s however one of the IAFS characters must be in your work. You may submit as many entries as you’d like, but keep it under 1 tsudonym/name/penname. You can send me your entries via pm or on tumblr (@Darkgreyclouds) as long as you get it to me. You may also send me your entries via email: darkgreycloudsstudios@gmail.com You may enter the contest and the giveaway.


1st (Worth ~$110USD): Printed book (signed), super ltd print, bookmarks, lted charm, pin set, sketch request
2nd (Worth ~$65USD): pdf ebook, poster, bookmarks, ltd ed charm, pin set, sketch request
Tumblr Giveaway (Worth ~$62USD): 1 pdf ebook, tshirt, pin set, ltd print, bookmarks
Accepted Formats:

fanworks: fanart, comics, videos, photos, cosplays, collages, design/edits, fanfics, etc

How to's:
Pm me link to your work, please allow me to repost and edit (just put into a large compilation for voting etc), some way to contact you (email, tumblr etc)

Here's an ideal form to send with your entry:

A way to contact you: (Email, tumblr, twitter)
Comments: (optional)
Your art file.

If you win, please be ready to supply me with an address for prize receival. You must be comfortable which sharing your address with me.

Judging Process:

Creators Choice:
I’ll be judging these entries on ideas, feelings, creativity etc. But in addition to me, I’ll be assembling a panel of judges to see what they think.

This is only on tumblr because I cannot implement the reblog-like system here. Please reblog or like to your hearts content. I count both of them. I’d prefer if you did follow me if you are participating in this giveaway, however that’s not a requirement. On this 10/5/14, I’ll choose a winner via randomizer and notify them. If they do not respond in 3 days, another number will be chosen until the we have a confirmation on both ends.

The Tumblr giveaway! Reblog and like as many times as you want!
http://darkgreyclouds.tumblr.com/post/95136293877/its-a-frog-story-happily-ever-after- giveaway

Contest Ends 10/3/14

(One week after the predicted end of IAFS)

Good Luck!


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